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New Jersey has some of the most complex, restrictive and unusual laws and regulations in the United States concerning waste hauling companies. Rutter & Roy’s Waste Management practice group specializes in providing both strategic counsel and representation to companies and individuals in the waste hauling industry. Few, if any, firms have both the depth of experience and the personal relationships we bring to these issues.

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A little background: the current regulatory environment arose from criminal investigation into allegations of price-fixing in the waste management industry in the 1970s. As a result, background checks for individuals in the industry are extremely intrusive and detailed, and hauling licenses in New Jersey are subject to an unprecedented degree of scrutiny.

For example, violations of seemingly minor regulations are cumulative, and can eventually result in the revocation of a hauler’s license, which effectively shuts down their business. Our clients are typically either individuals or firms whose licenses are at risk under this regime.

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Waste Management Lawyers in New Jersey - Rutter & Roy

Our team has an unmatched grasp of the strategic issues involved in these matters, and we can effectively structure our representation to present issues administrative officials would prefer to settle rather than litigate. If, however, litigation is unavoidable, we are knowledgeable, tenacious and aggressive advocates on our clients’ behalf. Rutter & Roy’s litigation team is recognized for not taking unreasonable positions or being pointlessly aggressive. As a result, officials listen to our arguments. We are also exceptionally responsive and accessible – we provide our cell phone numbers to our clients. We return phone calls promptly.

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Our combination of firsthand experience, tactical insight and strategic analysis has made Rutter & Roy the go- to firm in New Jersey for controversies involving the solid waste industry. Whether we are defending a deposition, preparing a brief, counseling a client or representing them in a proceeding, our unwavering commitment to achieving a successful outcome sets us apart. The goal, always, is to arrive at a resolution that minimizes the client’s financial and operational damages, waives penalties, and allows our clients to get back to work.

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