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At Rutter & Roy, our attorneys do more than just go to court for our clients. One of the most important aspects of our practice is project planning, and our objectives are the same as our clients’: to successfully complete projects in a timely and cost efficient manner.

As project team members, our work begins even before the project gets underway. We assess proposed routes and potential sites for above-ground facilities to identify any obvious environmental constraints or regulatory processes that could be triggered. Our attorneys are adept at reviewing title and drawings to determine ownership interests, and handle matters such as easements or restrictions on the properties impacted by the project. We will also prepare land acquisition and permitting schedules, as well as timelines to ensure that all legal rights and approvals necessary for construction have been secured.

Rutter & Roy has extensive experience in project planning, including the identification of and management of risks. Examples of such projects include:

  • Greenfield pipeline construction
  • Installation of shore protection measures
  • Construction of above-ground energy facilities
  • Looping of existing utility infrastructure

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