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Real estate projects involve environmental approvals and risks. At Rutter & Roy, our team has the experience and judgment required to navigate through the complex maze of local, state and federal environmental regulations. We successfully manage environmental risk by first identifying the necessary permits and approvals, and we then guide clients through the regulatory processes so that each project can be built on time.

Planning is paramount in the early stages of a project. Our experience enables us to identify environmental issues by completing a jurisdictional determination in order to pinpoint what processes are triggered. Once that is accomplished, we can streamline these regulatory processes to save clients time and money. By creating comprehensive milestone schedules we keep clients and environmental consultants on track to ensure that necessary permits are issued on time.

Our environmental attorneys assist with obtaining permits required at federal, state and local levels. We also help with enforcement actions including Notices of Violations and Administrative Order and Notice of Civil Administrative Penalty Assessments. Additionally, we have extensive experience managing all phases of the environmental remediation process.

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