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When it comes to commercial real estate, Rutter & Roy handles all property-related issues from start to finish. Our firm represents corporations, individuals, religious entities and non-profit organizations.

We are highly experienced in the due diligence process, including the review of appraisals, title reports, surveys and environmental reports. Our skilled attorneys conduct thorough reviews of relevant laws, permits and restrictions associated with a property. When applicable, we create feasibility studies and assist with site selection. We also negotiate and prepare documents such as contracts, leases, option agreements, purchase and sale agreements, letters of intent, easements and other related real estate documents.

Rutter & Roy ensures that clients are protected against future liability by making certain that the necessary and proper contract provisions concerning indemnification, insurance, disclosures, survivability clauses and escrows are in place for every transaction.

Commercial Real Estate law firm located in Freehold, NJ

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