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There are a lot of litigators in the world. What makes Rutter & Roy the firm of choice for clients needing representation?

First of all, as our firm’s capabilities would suggest, we provide a unique combination of effective, aggressive and strategic advocacy and deep knowledge of New Jersey law and regulations. Whether the issue at hand involves permitting, condemnation, or any of the state’s numerous, complex and occasionally, conflicting, regulatory regimes, our firsthand knowledge of the legal underpinning of a dispute affords us a significant advantage. Few firms understand New Jersey’s statutes better, and this gives us an edge. We don’t need to be brought up to speed. We’re already there.

Our litigation skills are not limited to disputes relating to land use, however. Our team effectively handles the full range of cases, dealing with everything from contractual disputes to general liability work. Regardless of the context, however, we bring the same approach to everything we do.

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Litigation Attorneys with a Business Approach

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First and foremost, we take a business-and bottom line-oriented approach to litigation. Our firm has a reputation for expertise and reasonableness in our regulatory and land use work, and we bring that same approach to litigation. Our goal, always, is to allow the client to resolve the dispute as quickly, cleanly and cost-effectively, as possible.That being said, unlike many other firms, we do not shy away from trying cases when the situation warrants, and when we do, we bring everything we have to it.

From inception to conclusion, we intend to prevail. Our litigation team fights hard. Ironically, perhaps, this makes settlement easier – nothing encourages serious negotiation like a known willingness to try a case. We are relentless advocates and innovative, highly strategic negotiators.

Rutter & Roy’s litigation lawyers are also known for their execution of the fundamentals. We emphasize attention to detail, exhaustive preparation and research, and believe that these qualities are often the decisive factor in litigation. Surprisingly often, somewhere in a mass of evidence and documents is the telling detail, the one fact, statement or strategy that will turn the tide. If it’s there, we’ll find it.

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Our lawyers view themselves as partners with our clients. We are exceptionally responsive and accessible, particularly during litigation, and make a point of insuring that our clients always know what the status of a matter is, what our next move will be, and most importantly, why.

Rutter & Roy’s litigators are also keenly aware of the strategic importance of the appeals process. We frequently handle appeals, and, in so doing, combine our planning with innovative, highly persuasive arguments.

Again, litigation is sometimes a last resort. But if it’s a necessary approach, Rutter & Roy is the advocate of choice in New Jersey.

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