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About Rutter & Roy

“ My most interesting cases frequently involve competing public policies. A good example would be our first Green Acres condemnation. Never before had anyone taken the state, two townships and a residential developer to federal court to ultimately obtain, by settlement, an easement to complete a pipeline across preserved property. ”

— Michael K. Rutter

At Rutter & Roy, our attorneys do not have a billable hour requirement.

If you are a client, or considering becoming one, why should this matter?

Because it’s a telling fact.

It says a great deal about who we are and what we think is important.

Our expectations for our attorneys can be expressed in three words: “Do great work.” That’s it.

First and foremost, this means that our clients are not viewed as revenue sources, but as partners with a common goal. Our job is to represent them, advise them, and do the best possible job.

At some larger firms, associates are required to bill 2,400 hours per year.  That does not necessarily result in good lawyering or produce the desired results.

We are not in business to theorize, attend meetings or to overstaff cases.  We’re not at an AmLaw 100 firm for a reason.  We work in a focused manner with a team that knows the law and the people and agencies who will make the critical decisions about your project.

We’re one of the only firms in New Jersey that has the experience and judgment to guide clients through the environmental permitting and other regulatory processes for large-scale energy and infrastructure projects. When litigation becomes necessary, our attorneys have the expertise and experience to vigorously represent our clients in state and federal courts, from the inception of a case through trial and appeal.

At Rutter & Roy, we are knowledgeable attorneys that take pride in doing great work for our clients. Clients retain us to help them complete projects while minimizing risks to their schedule. Sweating the details, having the right contacts and thinking three steps ahead is part of making that happen. Racking up billable hours is not.

If this all make sense to you, perhaps we’re the right firm for you. Contact us – we’d be happy to tell you more.