2018 Annual Environmental Business Roundtable: Projects, Trends and Governor Murphy’s Agenda

(Last Updated On: March 27, 2019)

As published in COMMERCE Magazine
By Martin C. Daks

WHEN PHIL MURPHY WAS running for governor, he advanced an ambitious environmental agenda. Now that he is in Trenton as New Jersey’s top executive, inquiring minds are asking how Gov. Murphy’s green agenda will affect businesses. COMMERCE asked the following experts for their insights, thoughts and observations.

Rutter & Roy, LLP

Christine A. Roy, Esq., Partner

There is some uncertainty about how the new administration will implement current regulations, and whether it will seek to amend them, according to Roy. “During the Christie administration, several of the permitting schemes were revamped to be consistent with one another, including the Coastal Zone Management Rules, Flood Hazard Area Control Act Rules, and, most recently, the Freshwater Wetlands Protection Act Rules.”

Roy represents several interstate natural gas pipeline companies in New Jersey, so she’s watching how the NJDEP will deal with the PennEast Project, given the recent denial of that company’s application for permits. “Increasing public participation in the permitting process results in delays in the processing of applications for such projects,” she says.

She’s also working on Transco’s Northeast Supply Enhancement Project, which includes components in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. “The project matters because, among other things, it will provide additional natural gas supplies during periods of increased peak demand from increased residential and commercial usage and the phase-out of fuel oil in New York City. Our office is assisting with the environmental permitting and easement acquisition for the New Jersey components of the project.”

Source: COMMERCE Magazine